Finger Print security Business for the future MobileLifestyle/Generation C.

My Future predictions. Fingerprint passwords for all your login lifestyle. I just do not understand why the Mobile market has not integrated it on its (Fingerprint recognition) devices functionalities. I am frustrated with the use of multiple passwords for everything because it is not safe to use only one password. Ex: Emails, Products, Bank acc. business, websites, coffee shops, Stores,  Apps login, and all products that I/you use in today's Mobile lifestyle...So, why +Google products and top companies do not integrate it on all it's products and services? 
1. It is unique to the end user
2. It is secure/safe to the end user
3. less stressful for #business and end user. 
4. Better quality of interaction and #connectivity for the products to be used.
5. #Individualized connectivity that recognizes the end user connectivity mobile tools
6. #Mobile safe integration #Security for the New Generation C. Recognition and simplicity.
7. Only One Login You =Your fingerprint you!... :) That will make our life so Happy and safe simple. 
But, There is A Multi Trillions company against it because there is no benefit for them in the fraudulent business of using someone else's Data. Lest just live it like that. See Data and security in today's information at Need more information see
Don't forget to log in... with your favorite email. Your business or your personal information. 

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