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Take Your Users to the Next Level (Content Experiments for Mobile Apps)

Google Analytics Platform Principles - Lesson 3.3 Importing data into Go...


Finger Print security Business for the future MobileLifestyle/Generation C.

My Future predictions. Fingerprint passwords for all your login lifestyle. I just do not understand why the Mobile market has not integrated it on its (Fingerprint recognition) devices functionalities. I am frustrated with the use of multiple passwords for everything because it is not safe to use only one password. Ex: Emails, Products, Bank acc. business, websites, coffee shops, Stores,  Apps login, and all products that I/you use in today's Mobile lifestyle...So, why + Google products and top companies do not integrate it on all it's products and services?  1. It is unique to the end user 2. It is secure/safe to the end user 3. less stressful for #business and end user.  4. Better quality of interaction and #connectivity for the products to be used. 5. #Individualized connectivity that recognizes the end user connectivity mobile tools 6. #Mobile safe integration #Security for the New Generation C. Recognition and simplicity. 7. Only One Login You =Your